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Aspen Technology Labs, Inc.

SpiderMount is software may be used for web scraping jobs, properties, resumes... 

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Athlete Network

Athlete Network, is a trait based talent community that helps companies connect... 

  • 312


Drafted gives HR and People Teams recommendations of real candidates based on... 

  • 466


EnterpriseAlumni provides a single platform for Alumni to maintain evergreen... 

  • 316


We help you get the inside scoop on pay, corporate culture, benefits and work... 

  • 318


We are the technology company behind the LiveHire Talent Ecosystem where people... 

  • 345

One Degree

One Degree is a LinkedIn for Millennials that focuses on workplace culture. It... 

  • 287

Ripple Recruiting

Ripple allows employers to find, target, and hire the students they want most... 

  • 307


Culture Fit is an environment you can thrive in. That means happy people and... 

  • 385 is a new talent acquisition site that is used as a network connecting... 

  • 256


Vettery is a trusted hiring marketplace built to help people find their dream... 

  • 354


WorkConnect can reduce the stress of your hiring process by enabling you to... 

  • 324

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