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100 Job Search Tips From Fortune 500 Recruiters

For job seekers, gone are the days of creating a great résumé and actively... 

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All together now!

Engagement. If you can just get people engaged, then the world will be at your... 

  • 281

Employer Branding

This book is packed with tips to help you analyze and improve your employer... 

  • 301

How To Write Emails To Employees

It is important that your emails to employees convey the message with clarity.... 

  • 296

HRYP Guide

HRYP stands for «human resources young professional». HRYP is an initiative... 

  • 294

Human Resource Management

It is a truism to claim that people are an organisational resource – indeed... 

  • 301

Managing the Human Resource in the 21st century

This study guide provides an overview of the most important topics and current... 

  • 269

Rock Your Chapter

30+ ideas to set your brain on fire. Here are a few ideas to make things more... 

  • 284

So, what’s next?

This guide is organized into a few loose sections. First we have the personal... 

  • 280

Social Recruiting for Dummies

This book consists of six short chapters and introduces you to the basics of... 

  • 294

Strategic Human Resourse Managment

This third edition of Strategic Human Resource Management has been substan-... 

  • 302

The Future of HR: Five Technology Imperatives

This ongoing effort has identified 10 key trends that HR executives need to... 

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